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The Bridge Between Science and Faith

There are so many of us looking for answers in this often confusing world and looking on social media can just add to that confusion. The main conflict is between that which we can trust, and subject matter which will only take us down a slippery slope of deception, but Teacher Central believes there are some rabbit holes which are worth exploring, and as teachers we have an obligation to explore all trusted sources.

There is no doubt that science will find an answer, or at least offer a theory worthy of consideration, and it is these considerations that so often can not only open our minds to more expansive perspectives, but also answer the more immediate problems within out own lives.

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We read in 'The Woodcutter.' about spiritual perspectives and how we apply them to our own lives, well here is the beginning of a journey to support the fluffy stuff, and bring life to our belief systems in order for us to begin to see the parallel path they both walk.

From a faith perspective, science can often been seen as the enemy, and history has certainly portrayed it in this way with the first scientist being burnt at the stake for even suggesting an alternative to the ways of the church.

But what if we could understand that the two are closer than we realise and intrinsically linked, if that was the case, imagine what empowering arguments could then be waged.

This video has been deleted.

In the pandemic, with Covid 19 ravaging the land, it was science that offered us that guiding hand to a freedom, where some found the hand of faith lacking. That being said, each one is not mutually exclusive, and if we could only respect the value of each one and recognise that there is a bridge that joins the two, and each have their own limitations, then our lives may feel less in conflict and dispute with the voices in our heads.