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Meditation and Visualisation

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It is important that we emphasise that Meditation Naked is linked to the book  'Nine Ways to Touch the Soul' and to gain full advantage of this meditation, it is better you make yourself familiar with Nine Ways first, before attempting the meditation.

However, the meditation can be used in isolation to the book and if you want to continue without using the Nine Ways guidance book, the whole meditation lasts an hour.

'Nine Ways to Touch the Soul' is available at the Teacher Connect Shop or on Amazon.

“Through the profoundly healing process of ‘Nine Ways’, I have managed to lose a lot of the baggage I have been carrying with me for many years.”

Prediction Magazine

 "thought provoking and moving"

Mind Body and Spirit

“an inspirational journey of self discovery”

Yoga Magazine

“A potent prescription producing only the best side effects, this should be available on the NHS!”

CATHERINE TAYLOR MSc. Psychotherapist

A complete tonic to the pressures of modern life and a very superior meditation CD!”

Prediction Magazine

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We may all be aware of the word 'meditation', but some of us get turned off by it thinking its 'fluffy nonsense' complicated, or something only mystical people do. But we have already proven in the Teacher Anxiety section that there is measurable science behind this.


But in some respects, we all do it, just within differing interpretations. Every year we will all try to take a holiday because we instinctively know that our minds need to pause. Taking a break or a soak in a hot bath is a form of meditation, and we all do that, even popping out for a cigarette in some ways is often a form of pausing the mind.

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True meditation however, is about stopping all thoughts and calming the mind so the body can be completely free from anxiety.  For most of us though, that would be like trying to stop a speeding train with your hand. So, with this next stage many of us need help. 'Meditation Naked' was created for that very reason.


Whether you choose to move forward or not is absolutely your choice, and if you decide you want to explore relaxation, then 'Meditation Naked' is the beginning of the next fascinating journey.

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The meditation is spoken to you so you will not get lost by complicated direction and it will help you uncover ingrained beliefs that so often hold you back.


If you decide to continue with 'Meditation Naked', be aware that most people do not complete the journey the first-time round as the body gets confused by its new state and just falls into sleep. I actually know many people who have never completed it to this day, despite a number of ongoing attempts, and yet still say they benefit from it.

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The most important thing is that you make yourself comfortable, and ensure there will be no distractions for the next hour. Turn of your phone, dim the lights, and if necessary light some scented candles, even have a bath before you begin. Give yourself this time,


Whatever you decide to do, remember to be gentle with yourself in life. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine, all you have to do is keep believing in yourself and keep taking the next step without fear believing that we are never sent a test that we are not capable of dealing with.


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If listening on the Teacher Connect app is not the best way for you to experience 'Meditation Naked' or the quality of your sound on your device is not the best, the album including  'Journey of the Seeker' is available on all major download stores. 

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