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Win £100 spot prize!

Just for breathing!

Win cash for your school fund just for being part of the Teacher Connect community.

'The best way to keep abreast of recent developments in our constantly changing areas of the curriculum.'

Yvonne Logan Winters

Head of Culture and Society

Outwood Grange Academy

Government Compliance

FREE 8 -Point Checklist

Ensure your school is complying with government guidance and legal requirements with our FREE 8-point checklist.

'An excellent resource with lots of information which helps to keep us up to date with current information and support us in providing an enriched curriculum for all our students.'

Maggie Bowen

PSCHE co-ordinator

Priory Community School Academy

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Professor Simon Forrest

Talks PSHE in the Curriculum

We interview Professor Simon Forrest who has been involved in the curriculum development of PSHE for twenty years.

'An excellent resource that is invaluable for all PSHE classes. Highly recommended.'

Naomi Livingston

Learning for Life + Drama Coordinator

Belfast Boys Model School

£500 Giveaway

Prize draw to our subscribers

In this month's subscriber prize draw we give away over £500 of teaching resources for across the curriculum. From English to History to PSHE.

‘A fabulous resource for all of us supporting pupils’ development through PSHE'

Dawn Cretney
Enterprising Youth CIC

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