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China has had the longest continuous civilisation in human history, yet all too often this remarkable culture is only studied in reference to the impact on the development of the western world.


The ancient history of China still imapcts today on the political, social, and cultural indentity of the inhabitants of the world's most populous nations.


Using the 2000 year old writings of the great Han historian, Sima Qian, as its vehicle, Ancient History tells the story of China from the Neolithic period, through the reigns of the mystical Sage Kings, the Warring States period.


Ancient China

  • Topics covered in Ancient China include:

    • Geography
    • Political philosophy
    • Technology
    • Agriculture
    • Wars of unification
    • Mythology
    • Ancestor worship
    • Taoism
    • Confucianism
    • Buddhism
    • Dragons

    The History Series features both resource and exercise books which can be used as the basis of a complete unit of study and workbooks which can be used to supplement existing texts and provide teachers with an excellent source of quizzes, puzzles, map exercises, document studies and visual source interpretation exercises designed to foster critical thinking in students of all levels.

    All titles in the series feature extensive teachers' notes

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