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Almost every item we eat, with the exception of fresh produce, will contain one or more of the 300+ food additives approved for use in our sister continent Australia which should be considered by everyone. This is an essential introduction to the what, why and how of an increasingly important consumer issue. It contains chapters on why we need food additives, the difference between food components and additives, legislation, types of additives, potential harmful effects, and how to identify food additives.

Food Additives

  • Topics discussed include:

    • Why we need additives
    • Difference bwteen components and additives
    • Food additive legislation
    • Types of additive
    • Harmful effects of additives
    • Identifying additives

    The text is complimented throughout with diagrams, illustrations, and activities to better engage pupil interest. Each section concludes with exercises that can be used as class revision, individual study, or assessment exercises.

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