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Laura Khale is a graduate of QLD Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music studying jazz trumpet and Masters of Music Studies in composition. She has performed in the USA with the DIVA Big Band and was commissioned to compose music for a ten piece ensemble by the Pinnacles Festival of Music three years running.


Music: Expression Book 2

  • This second book of the series is an essential creative learning tool for opening eyes, ears, and minds to music. The wokbook covers stylistic and emotional aspects of music-making, while the CD involves practical application, utilisinginteractive listening skills and hands o exercises.

    Part two of the series examines:

    • Expression
    • Tone colour
    • Instruments
    • Dynamics
    • Style/mood
    • Rhythm
    • Tempo
    • Articulation
    • Ornamentation
    • Energy
    • Improvisation
    • Movement
    • Conducting
    • Lyrics

    Used in conjunction with the CD, the workbook provides explanatory notes.

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