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Laura Khale is a graduate of QLD Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music studying jazz trumpet and Masters of Music Studies in composition. She has performed in the USA with the DIVA Big Band and was commissioned to compose music for a ten piece ensemble by the Pinnacles Festival of Music three years running.


Music: Improvisation Book 4

  • Improvisation is the art of spontaneous composition and takes the musician to new levels of musical creativity and expression. But like most arts, it is based on rules, techniques and practice.

    This fourth book in the series is designed to give students an overview of the concepts of musical improvisationand encourages the development of personal style, creativity and personal expression in their music. It is reccomended that the student has completed book three, Harmony, before undertaking this unit.

    Part four of the series examines:

    • Imrovisation in jazz
    • Building techniques
    • Learning changes
    • Positivity
    • Listening
    • Improvisation as composition
    • Transcribing
    • Intuition
    • Practice

    Used in conjunction with the CD, the workbook provides explanatory notes.

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