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The Rise of the Samurai


Japan, to the outside observer, can appear to be an uneasy and often conflicting mix of ancient tradition and modern practise. This innovative series takes us back to the very roots of Japanese culture and plots the history of this unique and dynamic people.


  • Using the Samurai as the vehicle of his story, Sam Burch unfolds the history of Japan examining how politics, culture, and religion related to, and were influenced by, the members of this colourful aristocracy.

    Included are materials that can be utilised for classroom discussions, research projects, internet resources and exercises in document, art, and artefact interpretation. Theses exercises are designed to heighten the students understanding of Japaneses culture and history.

    Topics include:

    • Creation myths
    • The warrior class
    • Birth of the Bushido
    • Art
    • Calligraphy
    • Literature
    • Shinto
    • Buddhism
    • The emperor



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