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PSHE Achievement Awards 2024

Open to all schools from primary to senior.

The PSHE Achievement Awards highlight and promote the best of activities in promoting PSHE in an educational environment. Due to the fluidity of the subject every school and organisation will have its own unique spin on the subject, and the PSHE Achievement Awards are here to promote these styles and strategies.

From primary schools to colleges, the importance of PSHE is carried by someone like you, who has passion and holds a flag in its name. The subject is becoming the powerhouse that it is today, only because of the tiresome work of individuals that so often go unsung.


If it wasn't for people like you, PSHE education would still be in the dark ages run by people with hidden agendas and bigoted views. I know, I've lived it!


This is our chance to celebrate your contributions and we welcome everyone to let us know about what you are doing in your own teaching environment to promote holistic learning experiences for your learners to share with others and continue to shout the importance of PSHE and pastoral foundations..

Win £500 for your school!

Winners of a PSHE Achievement Award win a cheque for £500 for your school as well as a visit by one of our camera crews to make a video of your work to show on Teacher Connect.

You will also receive a PSHE Achievement Award trophy that you can place in your reception or trophy cabinet to let everyone know about your huge achievement and advertise your dedication and commitment to your pastoral work and pupils' learning and development.

Nominate your institution for an award

Thanks for submitting!

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