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Summer Offer Ends

FREE access to Teacher Connect

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5 BIG Mistakes of Teacher Training Guide

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Entries now Open
PSHE Achievement Awards 2024

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Find out
What has Danny Dyer so horrified about PSHE? 

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'An invaluable resource that allows me to teach PSHE personally and manage the delivery of PSHE effectively across the school through other curriculum areas and tutor groups.'

Simon Shoebridge
Head of Religious Education
St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

'An excellent resource with lots of information which helps to keep us up to date with current information and support us in providing an enriched curriculum for all our students.'

Maggie Bowen

PSCHE co-ordinator

Priory Community School Academy

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PGCE Community

Don't feel like you're out there alone, join our online community to get support, free resources, and information from leading professionals whilst keeping your finger on the pulse of what's going on in education.

Summer Bonuses

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See what we discovered!
Drama in the Classroom

Find out what happened when a camera crew followed a group of students making a film for Teacher Connect and our amazing discovery.

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FREE this term
Meditation for Teachers

 Your special offer also includes this acclaimed guided meditation for teachers completely FREE to take away the stresses.

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Our latest addition!
Teacher Discounts

Take advantage of the incredible buying power of Teacher Connect and help your budgets stretch an amazing time to join Teacher Connect.

‘The best way to keep abreast of recent developments in our constantly changing areas of the curriculum.'

Yvonne Logan Winters

Head of Culture and Society

Outwood Grange Academy

'An excellent resource that is invaluable for all PSHE classes. Highly recommended.'

Naomi Livingston

Learning for Life + Drama Coordinator

Belfast Boys Model School

Teacher Discounts

In these challenging times, help your budgets go further with discount offers from top-known brands.

Teacher Connect not only brings you engaging educational content and news, but will save you money too!

'A one stop shop for all things PSHE Great!

Simon Gurbuz

Head of PSHE and Careers

Eaton Bank Academy

'This is an invaluable resource. I signpost all NQT’s and teachers new in the subject to it, in fact anyone who is serious about teaching PSHE well.'

Kathy Callaghan
Health & Well-being/PSHE Coordinator for Saffron Valley Collegiate.

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Join us for FREE!

Summer Offer Ends

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