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100 Packages to give away

Nine Ways Image 480 x 270.png

Worth £350.00

  • 50 hardback books                      Worth £300

Use these to either give to your pupils or reuse them. Each book contains nine poems to provide them with an idea of emotions that they can choose from when writing their poems.

  • Guided Meditation Package

Worth £20.00

We will also include the gift set version, which also include two CDs with the guided meditation on them, we will also provide the meditation online for FREE if you no longer have CD players.

  • 9 Ways to Provoke Change 

Worth £30.00

We have only 20 physical versions of this resource, but once we have run out we will send you digital copies for you to print.

  • Postage (9kg + packaging)


Pitching in Right

In my experience, when you say the word poem, you will get a ripple of groans across the class rebounding off the walls like a Mexican wave.

I've found it important to challenge this groan.

PGCE Lesson support.png

If it happens, I am quite forward in challenging this.

"What are you all groaning for??"

"Aww poems sir, I hate poems..."

" Hate poems? Did you listen to music on your headphones this morning?"

The pupils will nod


"Who likes rap?"

Hands will go up


Once the class has separated their perception of poetry and attached it to something that they perceive as more cool, they will engage with the exercise far more willingly.


It's a 15kg box, so all we ask of you is to pay for the delivery and packing.


If you could, we would appreciate a donation of £10.00 as well to support Teacher connect but this is optional.


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