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Welcome to the BIG PSHE Conversation

Before you begin, if you could just read over the following 5 steps so everyone is on a level footing and understands the app and how it works.

5 Important Steps

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Step 1

Logging in and security

To ensure the security of the platform, we ask that you only use your educational email address to login. This ensures that our members are validated from within the teaching environment, and the space becomes as safe and secure as possible.

If you don't have an educational email but still want to join the conversation, click the 'Get in Touch' link at the bottom of this page and let us know your circumstances. 
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Step 2

Profile settings

A profile picture is much friendlier, you can add a profile picture or change your settings in the Profile feature. Just click on the three buttons at the top right corner of this page to access this function.

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Step 3

Chat and Share Feature

  • £100 spot prizes

  • A PSHE social network

  • Connect with other teachers

  • Celebrate your work

  • Post initiatives

  • Create your own following

Think of this as the Facebook for PSHE and pastoral teachers. Reach out to each other, chat and share your stories. Engage with a community that not only celebrates the work of their pupils but also highlights your own teaching initiatives.


This is probably our most ambitious feature since we began our 25-year journey, to provide a platform where every school in the UK can have a conversation with each other.  

We also offer £100 spot prizes to your school for interesting initiatives shared with others in the group that show projects or pupil engagement with PSHE. The PSHE Achievement Awards are also sourced from viewing the activities within this section.

When you first visit the chatroom, post a hello, we have purposely left this section as an open platform to see how it develops organically.

Usual rules apply, no posts that sell anything or link to commercial ventures. No sexist, abusive, homophobic, or provocative language that may cause offence. If you witness any of these, please report it immediately so we can act at the earliest opportunity.

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Step 4

The BIG PSHE Conversation

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  • Sit at the table

  • Ask a question

  • Start a conversation

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Ask for support and advice

  • Suggest resources to be made

  • Seek opinions

  • Provide guidance

'The BIG PSHE Conversation' is your doorway to the PSHE world.

It has been created with questions from ourselves to inform our own research, but you can also post questions yourself, ask advice, discuss topics that are relevant to you, and start your own unique conversation.

Never before has there been such an open platform available to the PSHE and Pastoral community.

Imagine being able to sit in a room full of other PSHE teachers from around the country (scary I know!) and connecting with other like-minded people, asking questions, sharing ideas, posting information, or seeking support within the curriculum from other teachers.

With your help and involvement, this will be huge!

The Big Conversation 250 x 250.png

Step 5

Explaining the Banners


Help us to keep Teacher Connect free.

We are currently experimenting with Google adverts on the app, this is how we can finance the app and offer it to more teachers for free.

They will appear at the bottom of the page, with the occasional video flash adverts. They are completely safe.


So please click away on adverts when you see something you like, (or even if you don't) and those extra pennies per click will help us keep this platform free and develop it further.

Just one click on an advert per visit will achieve this.

Where has the time gone?
Time flown 2.png

Andrew Hutchinson

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Founder of Teacher Connect

I started my PSHE journey over twenty-five years ago and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has traveled it with me and given their support, and also to welcome new members on this amazing new journey.

It's been a fascinating and sometimes turbulent story with PSHE teachers who have changed the landscape of education, often with their bravery and commitment.

I myself have stumbled and had to pick myself up along the way, but there is something about this subject that I have a passion for and still maintain it is the bedrock of young people's education.

But even after all these years, PSHE still remains an undervalued subject by many. For those who still carry this outdated lack of awareness of the positive impact of PSHE and pastoral work, it has to change, and with our existing talent and new inspirational PSHE teachers joining this movement I have no doubt that it will.

The drive to create Teacher Connect was brought about by a common theme when visiting schools that many PSHE teachers felt isolated and sometimes unable to source the support they required.

For those who are passionate about PSHE, use Teacher Connect to reach out to each other, your voices will be louder for it.

While this latest evolution from
PSHE News to Teacher Connect is very exciting, its ongoing success relies on you, and how you use the platform to support each other.

All that's left for me to say, is thank you for downloading the app, I hope you find it useful and I look forward to hearing about your unique experiences and seeing where this journey takes us this time.

See you on the other side.




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