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What has Danny Dyer so Horrified?

Courtesy of Channel 4

Channel 4.png

In 2019, in response to the governments 2020  shake up of sex education in schools, Channel 4 commissioned a documentary that looked at how educators across the decades had handled the basics of sex education in schools. Channel 4 called me and said they would like to include Johnny Condom in the programme, not wanting to revisit the controversy of the past, but also not wanting to deny Johnny Condom his epitaph, I reluctantly said yes.

'Let's Talk About Sex' took a group of parents, children, and celebrities and exposed them to education videos to gauge their reactions, what followed was an entertaining and often excruciatingly embarrassing catalogue of moments as we confronted our own attitudes and views on sexual education in the teaching environment.

"That's the best video! The strangest but the best, you ain't forgetting that!"

Johnny Condom received a unanimous response of laughter and positivity from the audience to which I was truly grateful. (and relieved) It just shows what can be shocking to one generation, can be hilarious and tame to another.  

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