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Puzztivities provides teachers with a valuable set of puzzles, activities and extensions covering a vast array of topics for secondary physical science that will challenge and stimulate the students.

Biological and Environmental Science

  • Puzztivities may be used by the teacher in a variety of ways, including instant lessons, introductions to, or revisions of, topics, extensions or confidence boosters. Whichever way the teacher incorporates them into their teaching strategies, they will provide a valuable ready resource that will enhance the scientific reasoning and methodical skills in their students while they have fun!

    Topics covered in Biological and Environmental Sciences Puzzitivity include:

    • Classification of Living Things
    • Bacteria
    • Fungi
    • Plants
    • Animals
    • Viruses
    • Our Bodies
    • Genetics
    • Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
    • Science and Technology
    • Ecosystems and Biodiversity
    • Environmental Impact of Humans
    • Environmental Management and Planning
    • The Ethics of Science
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