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Call it what you like: takeaway, snack food, mini-meals or even junk food, the fast food industry has had an enormous impact on our national eating habits. According to recent statistics, Australians spend almost on third of the household food budget on convenience foods. This in part reflects the time constraints placed on two-income families, and in part the advances in food processing and our changing tastes.


The question of "what exactly are fast foods and what are they doing to us?" is explored as we trace the 'then and now' of fast foods. The issues of 'junk food addiction', nutritional impact and diet-related diseases as well as healthy alternatives are explored in detail.

Fast Food

  • Topics covered in Fast Foods include:

    • the relevance of fast foods in modern society
    • definition of a snack
    • factors influencing our food choices
    • composition of fast foods
    • nutritional requirements
    • diet-related diseases
    • healthy eating strategies

    Fast Foods is the sixth title in the KBS Food Technology Series by Dr Mervyn Pulle. Drawing on more than 30 years of academic and industry experience, Dr Pulle has produced concise, up-to-date, informative texts complemented throughout with activities, illustrations, diagrams and teachers' notes.

    An ideal resource for secondary Home Economics and adult education classes. An essential classroom resource.

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