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Developing an awareness in students of the physical environment and the issues affecting it is at the core of high school geography. Physical Geography is designed to complement and extend the school syllabus and provide stimulating exercises that will aid pupil's of the world that surround them. 



Physical Geography

  • These exercises are suited for use in group activities, classroom discussion topics, individual research, homework exercises and assessments.

    Topics include:

    • The Water Cycle
    • Ocean currents
    • Air pressure
    • Air masses and fronts
    • Air polution
    • The Greenhouse Effect
    • Volcanoes and earthquakes
    • Soil formation
    • Ecosystems
    • Wetlands
    • Climate

    The varied activities involve map, document, data, and visual interpretation exercises and are designed to foster the development of critical thinking.

    Many of the worksheets contain activities that require answers in a variety of formats, testing the student's map-making, graphing, and illustration skills. 

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