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Nine ways to Touch the Soul


  • 60 colour printed work books
  • Spoken meditation CD
  • Audio music CD
  • 9 Ways to Provoke a Change Teacher Workbook


If you have listened to the free audio meditation in the 'Teachers Meditation' section, then you will be familiar with part of this resource. 


Communication in young adults is one of the most important vehicles to improving mental health and PSHE is the perfect environment to facilitate this. Meditatioon is one of the most engaging activity you can involve your students in, and once they've got past the giggling, it can be a truly life changing experience for them. 


By utilising prose, this resource helps youing people to express their feelings and life challenges through the written word, without judgemnt or structure, as poetry can be anything from flowing sentences to rap.


This acclaimed reource gives you everything you need to have a truly memorable session, including 60 hardback prose books which you can give to your pupils for reference.



“Through the profoundly healing process of ‘Nine Ways’, I have managed to lose a lot of the baggage I have been carrying with me for many years. A complete tonic to the pressures of modern life and a very superior meditation CD!”




“A potent prescription producing only the best side effects!”

CATHERINE TAYLOR MSc. Psychotherapist



If you’re looking for a tonic, an antidote to the ills and woes of everyday life, this is exactly what you’ve been seeking           



“The relaxation music carries you on a journey of self discovery and the prose will help you explore your deepest emotions Enchanting and mesmerizing artwork captures our creative essence”




(Mind body and spirit)


Poetry for Mental Health

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£99.99Sale Price
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