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This is a 'must have' guide on how to survive as a journalist in the 21st century; from the arcane world of newspapers through to the challenges of finding work as a freelance. The authors have more than 75 years experience between them as correspondents.

Successful Journalism

  • But make no mistake, this industry is not for everyone. It is certainly not for the feint hearted. It takes a person with a large dose of a very special 'something' to not only make headway in this alluring profession, but to survive.

    That's what this book is about.

    Read it carefully becuase it could be the most powerful stuff you have ever read.

    Understand that what you are about to read will unlock the secret to success in this. the most demanding, frustrating, and challenging profession there is. Take on board what you read and your life will change forever.

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