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The BIG PSHE Conversation 2024

On the Teacher Connect mobile app

PSHE has just Evolved!

Everything you need that's PSHE and Pastoral

If you have ever wanted to engage with a PSHE and Pastoral community then you've arrived at the right place.


The app is a powerful means of reaching out to other teachers, celebrating your work, and ultimately taking PSHE and pastoral work to the respected heights they deserve.

  • Your PSHE and Pastoral Companion

  • Primary schools

  • Secondary schools

  • Colleges

  • Higher Education

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The BIG PSHE Conversation 2024

An On-going Research Project

We are currently developing a report that studies resilience and how we can help disadvantaged young learners have a better chance of reaching higher education.

Studies show that young people from poorer backgrounds have high resilience levels which is a quality required to do well, and yet they are more likely to drop out of education.

 Join the conversation and help us understand this better to inform an initiative to help young people from poorer backgrounds reach higher education and break the cycle.

We would love you to join us!

PSHE and Pastoral Leads joining together in one voice.

Connecting all the stages of the PSHE journey from primary school to higher education. Add your voice to a community of teachers who promote the power of PSHE and Pastoral work. 

  • It's FREE for Teachers

  • Never feel isolated in PSHE

  • Instantly accessible community

  • Support when you need it


Win £100 Spot Prizes

Chat and Share Feature

This feature on the app is not just for reaching out and connecting with other teachers, asking questions, or having a natter. You can also post activities, student work, in fact, anything PSHE-related to have a chance of winning a £100 cheque for your school!

  • Instant communication

  • A supportive community

  • Engaging content


Join us in the BIG PSHE Conversation 


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